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2021 Honda Accord

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  • Overview

    A dark grey 2021 Honda Accord is angled left.

    If you’re looking for a brand new midsize sedan, there is no better option than the 2021 Honda Accord. Honda has been around for more than 72 years, and with a history like that, you’re sure to have nearly perfected the automobile. Out of those 72 years, 44 of them have featured Honda’s popular Accord, and each model year just keeps getting better and better. The 2021 model is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

    So what’s so great about the new Honda Accord, and what sets this midsize sedan apart from all the competitors? We could talk about the amazing performance of this beautiful car, or we could talk about the incredible safety features that put it a step above the rest. Really, there are too many aspects to the new 2021 Accord to name each and every one, but Honda drivers all over the world keep insisting that this is the best vehicle on the market, so Honda must be doing something right. The only question is this: is this amazing vehicle going to fit your own unique lifestyle?

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  • Safety

    A 2021 Honda Accord is shown from the side while parked in the city at night.

    Safety should be extremely important to you no matter what type of vehicle you are in the market for, so if you are looking closer at the 2021 Honda Accord, of course, it’s a good idea to investigate further this sedan’s safety features. You’ll be thrilled to know that the 2021 Accord comes with a collection of premium safety features that all make up what’s known as the Honda Sensing Suite. These features come with every single Accord, regardless of the trim you choose, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on any safety options just because you didn’t spring for the biggest and best trim level.

    Incredible Safety Features

    One key part of the Honda Sensing Suite is what’s known as the collision mitigation braking system. Think of this system as an extra pair of eyes that work to keep you and everybody around you safe. When your Accord senses either an object or a pedestrian in front of you and calculates that collision is about to happen, it will automatically apply pressure to your brakes, thus preventing you from hitting anything. This simple safety feature saves so many lives and prevents accidents each and every day.

    This Honda Sensing Suite also includes lane keeping assist. This safety feature enables our Accord to detect lane lines. It can tell if you are in danger of drifting out of your lane. If it looks like you are drifting out of your lane unintentionally, your Accord will automatically adjust your steering so that you stay safely in the center of your chosen lane.

    Road departure mitigation system works in a similar way to lane keep assist. If you exit the road without using your signal, your Accord will assume you have drifted off of the road unintentionally and will alert you and in some situations, apply the brakes so that you don’t run all the way off the road. Can you imagine how many lives are saved every year by this kind of safety technology?

    Innovative At Every Step

    Adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow is probably our very favorite safety feature because it makes your driving experience not only safer but also more convenient. Have you ever tried to follow somebody who struggles to maintain a consistent speed? These kinds of people make using your cruise control almost impossible, but Honda has solved that issue with the adaptive cruise control technology. Now your Accord can detect the distance between you and the guy in front of you and automatically maintain the correct following distance, even if the other guy keeps speeding up and slowing down. No more aching knees and feet due to somebody else’s inexperience!

    There are plenty of other safety features that come equipped with this new Honda vehicle. To see all of them in action, come on down to Gwinnett Place Honda and take a model out for a test drive.

  • Interior Luxuries

    The tan and black front seats and dash are shown in a 2021 Honda Accord.

    The 2021 Honda Accord may not be considered a luxury vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some pretty luxurious features. In fact, thanks to the brilliant designers behind the Honda Accord, this midsize sedan gets you plenty of interior luxuries at a more affordable cost. Who doesn’t like saving money on comfort and style?

    Incredible Features

    First up, we have the heated leather seats. Many trim levels of this Honda sedan come with leather seats, including heated front seats. If you live in a cool or especially a cold climate, heated front seats will quite literally make or break your entire driving experience. And the Touring 2.0T trim edition even comes with heated rear outboard seats so your rear passengers can be comfortable in colder weather.

    Incidentally, the Touring 2.0T trim package also comes with ventilated front seats, which take your comfort levels up yet another notch. These ventilated seats are ideal for people in warm and hot climates, and they are a great way to stay cool inside the car, even when you have leather seats.

    One key part of a luxurious experience is convenience, and that’s why many trim levels of the 2021 Accord come with features such as smart entry with walk-away auto lock as well as remote engine start. These kinds of features ensure you never forget your keys inside your vehicle again and that you never forget to lock your vehicle again. Of course, these features are also handy for anybody who is approaching the Accord with their hands full, such as when holding the hands of little ones, and really makes life a whole lot more convenient for everybody.

  • Hybrid Option

    A gray 2021 Honda Accord hybrid is shown from the front driving through the city.

    Excellent Fuel Economy Ratings

    The 2021 Honda Accord midsize sedan comes with a hybrid option, and that is great news for anybody who wants to save money on gasoline or who wants to make a positive impact on the environment. While the regular gasoline engine gets great gas mileage of 30 MPG in the city and 38 MPG on the highway, the hybrid version of the Accord takes that up to a whole other level.** With the hybrid Accord, you will be able to achieve 48 MPG in the city and 48 MPG on the highway.** Now that’s a whole lot of fuel efficiency!

    The EV mode of the Accord allows you to drive your Accord using the battery alone. This means you'll be able to save a bit on gas in your day-to-day travels. On the topic of hybrid efficiency, did you know most hybrid vehicles have a decreased cargo area due to the giant battery sitting in the trunk? The 2021 Honda Accord solves that issue, and in fact, the Honda Accord Hybrid has just as much trunk space as the non-hybrid version. The Accord’s hybrid battery hides under your rear passenger seats instead of in the trunk, so you will always have plenty of cargo space.

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**All vehicles may not be physically located at this dealership but may be available for delivery through this location. Transportation charges are included in the posted price. Please contact the dealership for more specific information. All vehicles are subject to prior sale.


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