Buy vs Lease

Should You Purchase or Lease Your New Honda Near Atlanta?

Deciding on a new Honda is already setting yourself up for future success out on the road. We have all the latest and most popular models from this renowned automaker here at our Duluth, GA Honda dealership serving Atlanta, Alpharetta and Buford, but after making your decision on one, you’ll have to decide how to buy it. You can choose to either lease or buy your new Honda, and there are benefits to each kind of financing option. Visit us near Atlanta today and we’ll help you decide on your best financing options.

Depending on what kind of new Honda model you want, your financing options will become clearer. Here’s a quick breakdown of what leasing or financing your new Honda will entail:

  • Leasing a Honda will mean lower monthly costs, though you’ll have to return your lease after three years (usually), or have to buy it outright at the end of the agreement. With higher monthly costs, purchasing a Honda means it’s yours to keep for years. If you want to comfortably fit a higher trim level of the Honda you want into your budget, consider a lease.
  • Both leasing and financing a Honda give you plenty of options further down the road. With a lease, you can buy out the remaining value of the Honda, pursue a new edition with a new lease, or you can simply end the agreement and pay off whatever charges you’ve accrued. With a purchase, you’ll have your Honda in your possession to do with as you please. By regularly maintaining your Honda at our service center, you’ll have a higher resale value.
  • With a lease deal, you’ll find plenty of warranty coverage agreements that cover the cost of several types of maintenance and repairs.
  • Leasing limits your annual mileage with potentially costly penalties for exceeding those limits, while a new Honda purchase means you’ll be free to drive as much as you like.

There are many factors unique to you that will help you decide on whether to lease or purchase your new Honda. Come on over to Gwinnett Place Honda today and we’ll help you decide.