The Honda Civic: A Great "Dad Car"?

September 23rd, 2018 by

A writer for The Drive–an online automotive journal–recently performed a “New Dad Review” of the 2018 Honda Civic, testing its capabilities in commuting, traveling, errand-running, and shuttling around toddlers in whatever state of emotion they happen to be in currently.

The main takeaway?

“Honda’s small Civic set the bar for efficient, entertaining transportation a long time ago. And it still delivers on that promise.”

What Makes the Civic Great for Parents?

The two models that the reviewer considered were the 2018 Honda Civic Sport and the 2018 Honda Civic Touring (sedan and hatchback configurations).

These models both equip the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, so that you can revel in your New-Dad status in Duluth, but not give up that tiny bit of youthful exuberance that you still hold onto. Opt for the Sport, and you could even get a six-speed manual transmission to re-live your glory days.

The seats in newer-generation Honda Civic cars are also a lot more comfortable than the classic Honda sedans that we grew up with–another bonus, not just for you, but for the kids in the back.

The interior is also easy to configure, swapping from passenger convenience to cargo capabilities in no time. LATCH anchors are easy to find and simple to use, and rear-facing child seats can fit comfortably in the rear seat. If you have two kids–or just a kid with a lot of stuff–the reviewer recommends, as do we, that you opt for the hatchback model.

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