Kelley Blue Book Compares the New 2018 Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla

May 13th, 2018 by

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has been one of the most trusted names in the auto industry since 1926, known for providing expert opinions and well-educated research on new car information.

So, when KBB recently released their rundown comparing* the 2018 Honda Civic and the new 2018 Toyota Corolla, of course we paid attention.

If you’re considering a new car in Duluth or an upgrade to a nicer small family car near Atlanta, you’ll want to see what they had to say.

KBB’s Review of the Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla

2018 Honda Civic Compact Sedan

Prices: starting at $18,940 (MSRP excluding tax, license, destination charge, and options)
What They Liked: editors highlighted fuel economy numbers, resale value, and the great driving feel as pros
What They Didn’t: the only real criticism editors had was a lack of a physical tuning/volume knob
Their Final Thoughts: overall, editors called the 2018 Honda Civic a “spacious, reliable, fun-to-drive segment benchmark”

2018 Toyota Corolla Compact Sedan

Prices: starting at $18,600
What They Liked: a roomy cabin, general comfort, and standard safety features were highlighted
What They Didn’t: editors criticized the Corolla for its poor infotainment system and boring driving attitude
Their Final Thoughts: they called it a “sensible, comfortable, reliable sedan”

You can see the entire review here.

While the Corolla may be slightly cheaper, and have some standard safety features on the base model, it’ll only take one drive in the handsome new 2018 Honda Civic to see why this compact car is the better choice for you.

*DISCLAIMER: All information is provided by Kelley Blue Book. Please visit for this and other car reviews and comparisons.
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