Honda’s SUV Secret Formula

November 13th, 2020 by

A grey 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid is parked in front of a modern glass and concrete building.

Honda SUVs are some of the most popular vehicles in their class. What is it that makes them so successful year after year when compared to the competition? They strike a perfect balance between functionality, capability, and comfort. It is that balance that makes them the perfect option for everyone, from individuals to families, who need expanded storage and driving versatility. When comparing Honda SUVs vs Chevy SUVs, it is easy to see that Honda has a more focused fleet of vehicles that all promise the same high level of capability compared to Chevy’s selection, which appears to be aiming more for quantity than quality.

Among the impeccable selection of Honda SUVs, the compact CR-V and subcompact HR-V are two exceptionally popular models that dominate their segments. With Honda’s reputation for quality and outstanding reliability contributing to an unbeatable resale value, these two vehicles are shining examples of exactly what makes Honda SUVs a cut above the rest. While every Honda model provides exceptional quality and capability, it is the CR-V and HR-V that occupy the most popular SUV segments today.


The King of the Hill of compact SUVs, the Honda CR-V sets the standard year after year and continues its record as one of the most popular compact SUVs of 2020. On top of being an exceptionally affordable vehicle, the CR-V manages to provide excellent fuel economy, a ton of room, and a comfortable ride. Whether they are looking for a commuter, a family vehicle, or anything in between, It is no wonder why drivers continue to turn to the CR-V for the versatility they need.

The CR-V brings together the best Honda can offer. It is roomy and comfortable with space to seat up to five passengers with lots of extra cargo space – 75.8 cubic feet, as a matter of fact, when the competing Chevy Equinox only provides up to 63.9 cubic feet. All of the interior space in the CR-V is well designed and provides an extraordinarily comfortable ride for you and your passengers. The CR-V is also a joy to drive with enjoyable steering and responsive handling behind the wheel. The now-standard 1.5L turbocharged engine pulls well in the compact CR-V, giving you an energetic drive without sacrificing fuel economy.

There is also a new hybrid CR-V available, an option that is not available on any Chevy SUV. The hybrid will not only give you even better fuel economy numbers than the already fuel-conscious gasoline CR-V, but it will also give you even more power. The hybrid engine combines a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with a pair of electric motors for a total system output of 212 hp. The hybrid also comes with all-wheel drive for increased bad-weather performance.

A popular Honda SUV, a blue 2021 Honda HR-V EX-L is driving in the rain with a city in the background.


The subcompact SUV is a category that is becoming increasingly popular as years go on. More and more people love the combination of small size and outsized performance. Not content to just excel with the compact CR-V, Honda also built one of the most popular subcompacts in its class. Like the CR-V, the HR-V provides exceptional cargo space for its class, with no less than 58.8 cubic feet. Chevy’s subcompact, the Trax, can only fit 48.4 cubic feet. The Honda HR-V also offers all-wheel drive on every trim, giving you that extra edge of capability performance.

The HR-V presents lots of model options so you can tailor this subcompact to your needs. The basic LX trim is more affordable than the base model Chevy option but still brings all the reliable quality and pristine design you expect from a Honda. If you want more comfort and technology in your subcompact SUV, then the EX and EX-L trims of the HR-V equal any larger model when it comes to features and options, even including the full Honda Sensing safety suite as standard equipment.

Price and Resale Value

One of the greatest features of every model in the Honda lineup of SUVs is its ability to retain value. Even as you climb in size and trim levels, when compared to other SUVs within their class, you aren’t spending as much. This gives you the option to save some of your hard-earned money or, alternatively, to upgrade to a higher trim with even more features. Further, while Chevy often hides important features such as advanced safety technology in optional packages that further inflate the cost of its vehicles, Honda models include nearly everything standard.

Your savings don’t stop at the affordable MSRP but also on the return down the road. Honda designs and engineers some of the most reliable and long-lasting vehicles on the market and are much the envy of the competition. The unbeatable quality of Honda engineering and longevity means that your vehicle will retain its value much longer than comparable models and provide a much more competitive resale price when it comes time to upgrade or trade-in. Add in the lower fuel costs from Honda’s efficient engines and hybrid vehicle options, and the total cost of ownership of a Honda SUV will be lower than a Chevy model.

A red 2021 Honda CR-V is driving toward the city at night.

Sizing Up the Competition

The only place where the Chevy SUV fleet beats Honda is when it comes to the number of models available – seven instead of four. However, digging deeper, Chevy doesn’t really offer as many options as it appears. Many of the Chevy SUV models occupy the same market segments, such as the Trax and the Trailblazer or the Equinox and the Blazer, while the Tahoe and the Suburban are literally the same vehicle under different names (as can be seen from the fact that GMC and Cadillac both sell their rebadged versions, the Yukon and the Escalade, under a single name). In comparison, each Honda SUV is focused on providing the best possible capability in its segment without pointless duplication.

The big takeaways of Honda SUVs are reliability, low cost of ownership, and versatility. They also provide both great fuel efficiency and plenty of performance. It is this attention to the fundamentals that has made Honda a household name and allowed it to eclipse competitors such as Chevy. When a company focuses on designing and constantly improving high-quality vehicles that provide the features and capabilities its customers need, it does not have to rely on gimmicks like an ever-expanding lineup of similar models in order to sell its products.

Good Old Reliable

It is hard to understate just how far the reputation and solid design of Honda takes the success of their lineup of SUVs. By focusing on a core experience that allows for flexibility without sacrificing performance or efficiency, the Honda fleet strikes a remarkable balance that people love. Every Honda SUV model has stood up against the test of time without needing to be replaced or reimagined, which is a stark contrast to the ever-changing lineup of Chevy SUVs.

To experience what sets Honda apart from the competition, contact us or pay a visit to our Duluth dealership. At Gwinnett Place Honda, you can find the full lineup of Honda SUVs and cars, giving you the chance to discover which of these high-quality vehicles is perfect for your needs. Once you experience them first-hand, you will understand exactly why Honda deserves every bit of its popularity.

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