10 Used Sedans That Will Have You Commuting in Comfort

April 14th, 2023 by

A black 2023 Honda Accord is shown driving on a road.

If you live in the greater Atlanta area, then driving the right car can transform your life. Rather than dreading the drive to work, you can look forward to relaxing in a comfortable cabin while listening to your favorite music or podcast. While many Georgia drivers opt for trucks or SUVs, savvy shoppers know the value of a used sedan. Not only will you save money upfront by shopping used, but sedans provide superior fuel economy that will keep more money in your pocket every time you get behind the wheel. To help point you in the right direction as you begin shopping for your next commuter car, the team here at Gwinnett Place Honda, your GA used car dealer, has put together a list of ten commuter sedans that will put your comfort first.

#1 – Honda Accord

When it comes to comfortable commuter cars, it’s impossible to go wrong with the Honda Accord. Since it hit the market in 1976, the Accord has been a staple of the midsize sedan market, offering a solid blend of efficiency, comfort, and nimble handling. Unlike the smaller Honda Civic, the Accord offers plenty of space in the first and second rows, so you can easily carpool with coworkers or drop the kids off at school before work. You can also find used Accords with a range of powertrain options, including a fuel-saving hybrid powertrain that was introduced in 2018 and is sure to please anyone trying to deal with rising gas prices.

#2 – Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is the perennial rival of the Honda Accord. Both of these reliable Japanese sedans are known to be solid picks for anyone seeking a comfortable commuter car. The main difference between the Camry and the Accord is that Honda’s sedan tends to be a little larger and more spacious, while Toyota’s model offers available all-wheel drive. Both are available with a selection of engines, including a hybrid model and offer similar fuel economy numbers. It is no wonder that both models have cultivated a loyal following over the years, and choosing between them is largely a matter of personal preference.

#3 – Tesla Model 3

If you are looking for a high-tech take on your daily commute, a used Tesla Model 3 is more affordable than you might think. This all-electric compact sedan was released in 2017 and is becoming increasingly easy to find as a used model. With an estimated range of around 250 miles in entry-level models and over 350 miles in the Long Range variant, it is possible to handle an entire week of commuting without needing to recharge. However, the best part of driving an electric car is that you can plug in to recharge overnight, so you never have to worry about stopping for gas when you are running late for work.

#4 – Dodge Charger

Are you looking to head to work to the soundtrack of a roaring V8 engine? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out a used Dodge Charger. This spacious sedan is a throwback to the days when muscle cars ruled the streets of America and can add a jolt of excitement to your daily trek down I-85. With a selection of V6 and V8 engines available, you don’t have to go overboard if you don’t want to––but if you do, Dodge is ready to oblige with the thrilling Scat Pack and Hellcat models. However, unlike other sports cars, the Charger has a roomy cabin, four doors, and a sizable trunk, making it a practical choice for your time on the road.

#5 – Toyota Avalon

Most commuters are content to settle for a compact or midsize model, but you don’t have to limit yourself. While the Toyota Avalon was discontinued after 2022, a used example of this full-size sedan provides luxury car comfort at economy car prices. This car offers over 40 inches of legroom in the front and rear, so there is nothing keeping you and your passengers from stretching out and relaxing when traffic slows to a crawl. Available amenities like ventilated leather seats will let you relax, even in the heat of a Georgia summer. There is even an available V6 engine under the hood that provides plenty of power despite the size of the car.

A silver 2023 Toyota Camry XSE is shown parked on a road after visiting a GA used car dealer.

#6 – Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Sometimes there is no substitute for true luxury. After all, you deserve to pamper yourself on the way into the office. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has long represented the pinnacle of full-size luxury sedans and serves as an excellent example of everything you can enjoy on your daily commute. The seventh-generation S-Class arrived in 2021 and boasts a long list of luxury features, including a three-dimensional augmented reality head-up display, a massaging power-adjustable driver seat with 19 electric motors, and Burmester High-End 4D Surround Sound with speakers in the front seat headrests. Even an older used S-Class is sure to wow you and take your commute to new heights.

#7 – Mercedes-Benz E-Class

If the size and price of the S-Class are too much for you, consider a used Mercedes-Benz E-Class instead. This midsize executive sedan sits just below the S-Class in the Mercedes-Benz lineup and provides plenty of features and more nimble handling at a less excessive price tag. The current generation was actually introduced in 2017, so you can pick up a car that’s a few years old and still enjoy the latest body style and tons of modern features. Inside, you’ll find expert craftsmanship and high-end materials, blending old and new to create a timeless atmosphere. For example, this car leans into the future with dual 12.3-inch digital displays but still has an analog clock for that classic touch.

#8 – BMW 3 Series

A slightly smaller luxury sedan to consider for your commute is the BMW 3 Series. Although this is technically a compact car, it doesn’t lack luxury, and it provides a sportier performance than the offerings from Mercedes-Benz. The basic 330i model is a good blend of luxury and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy your time on the road without stretching your budget too far. There is also a 330e plug-in hybrid variant that can allow you to complete a portion of your commute on electric power alone. However, if you want to enjoy an extra turn of speed and the smoothness of a classic BMW straight-six engine, look for the M440i. This M Performance option provides nearly 400 hp and plenty of highway thrills.

An aerial view of a 2023 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport is shown parked.

#9 – Lexus IS

Another compact luxury sedan, the Lexus IS may exist in the same segment as the BMW 3 Series, but it focuses more on providing high value and legendary reliability than sporty thrills. However, that’s not to say this is a boring car. The IS 350 offers over 300 hp, and you can choose between rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The IS was refreshed in 2020 with an updated style and more tech features, but the interior is still more classic than futuristic. Lexus is known for building its cars to last, and the IS is no exception, making used models a solid investment if you want to enjoy luxury on a budget.

#10 – Tesla Model S

On the other hand, if you enjoy futuristic cars, you need to consider the Tesla Model S. Tesla’s flagship electric sedan has been turning the car world on its head since it was introduced in 2012. You can enjoy over 400 miles of range on a single charge, and the Model S Plaid offers the sort of performance that was once restricted to exotic supercars. Tesla is also known for its high-tech features, and the Model S certainly doesn’t disappoint. Every model comes standard with Autopilot, which provides hands-on semi-automated highway driving that will eliminate the stress from your commute. You can also use your phone as your keyfob and even use the infotainment screen as a gaming console when you are parked.

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