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Atlanta Best Used Cars

Atlanta’s best used cars can be found at Gwinnett Place Honda. We know that’s a big claim, but we stand by our selection process of vehicles that must meet our safety and quality standards. Because we choose from a nation-wide pool of vehicles, we can pick the best of the best, so we sell only the highest quality vehicles at our dealership. When customers purchase one of our certified pre-owned vehicles, each one goes through a rigorous set of inspections and qualifications to be sold through our program. All of our used vehicles are always checked carefully by our service technicians, and then they are given detailed attention for cleanliness and appearance before being sold.

We believe in providing only the best vehicles to our customers, which is why we carry new, used, HondaTrue Certified, and HondaTrue Certified+ vehicles. From a rigorous inspection to the CarFax history report we provide free with all used vehicles, you can rest assured that every used vehicle we sell has been checked from top to bottom before it goes home with you. If our name goes on a vehicle for sale, that means it passes a high bar of standards we take seriously.

A grey 2020 Honda Civic is driving around a corner in a bright parking garage.

Used Vehicles Available at Gwinnett Place

At Gwinnett Place, we carry more than just used Honda vehicles. We have luxury models, affordable trucks, SUVs, compact economy cars, and even high-performing sports vehicles. If you have a specific type of vehicle in mind, we can find it in our nation-wide network of available used vehicles. Luxury vehicles are a popular choice to buy used because buyers know the cost goes down significantly to purchase a vehicle used, and a car that might be out of a buyer’s price range new will be affordable after it’s already been purchased by someone else. Brands like Acura, Audi, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, and Lincoln are commonly sought out on the used market because of their high quality and luxury features.

If you need a truck for work, you may prefer to purchase used, because trucks tend to hold their value and won't depreciate quickly. You might also want a vehicle you can feel better about using for heavy-duty jobs that might be hard on the truck’s appearance. Honda, Ford, Ram, Chevy, Toyota, and GMC are all popular brands we offer used, and each truck they offer has a different set of features and options available for whatever you might need. From off-road performance to towing and hauling, we can find the perfect truck for your needs. Then again, if you want a vehicle just for fun, you might be looking for a sports car like a used Ford Mustang or Camaro for powerful performance, or a used Porsche might be exactly what you need for the occasional escape.

Are you searching for the perfect family car but don’t want to pay for a new vehicle when you know it’s going to be coated in snack food and spattered by muddy shoes? We have lots of great minivans like used Honda Odysseys, which are some of the best minivans on the market for safety, comfort, and available entertainment to keep the kids busy while you run them around town. For buyers seeking a more economical car, we have lots of those, too. Used Honda Civics are reliable and fuel-efficient, or you could consider a slightly larger used Honda Accord for more space and features that still get good gas mileage. Other brands like Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia are also available with good fuel efficiency.

We know SUVs are high on the list of popular vehicles, and we have plenty of SUVs for sale as pre-owned models, too. A used Honda CR-V is a great choice to purchase used, with both excellent performance and good fuel efficiency that you can also purchase as a hybrid if you prefer a more earth-friendly vehicle. Maybe you’re searching for a used Ford Explorer or a Buick Encore; we offer options for just about every brand, as long as it meets our standards for quality and reliability. From an SUV with all-wheel drive and off-road tuning to a compact crossover that saves you money on gas, we can help you find what you need in any type of vehicle.

A white 2018 Ford Explorer is driving on a winding road past trees.

How To Choose the Right Used Vehicle?

Pickup Trucks - When searching for the best used truck for sale, it helps to be guided by the pros, so let the Gwinnett Place team help. Not all pickup trucks are alike, and how you plan on using yours will be the main factor in determining what exactly it is you're looking for in a truck. It's important to start with your budget and find trucks that fit within these parameters, so do a little research on the top brands, like those listed above, and don't be afraid to test drive them. You may find that on paper, you were a Chevy fan, but upon getting behind the wheel of a Ram, you're blown away by its power and capabilities. You'll also want to look into a particular truck's mileage and service records because, although pickup trucks are known to be able to deliver reliable service well past 100,000 miles, trucks also see heavier use than other vehicles.

Family Vehicles - Whether you're looking for a family-friendly used minivan or a spacious used sedan, you have options when it comes to which commuter will suit your family travels perfectly. It's a good idea to figure out exactly what size vehicle you're interested in so that you're able to narrow down your search, and the team at Gwinnett Place can help you with that. You'll also want to decide on interior materials and storage space solutions because let's face it... family life can get a bit messy, and who has time to worry about cleaning up spilled crackers, juice, muddy shoes, and whatnot? We recommend opting for cloth materials or easy-clean surfaces for maximum success. As far as storage, you don't need a large and in-charge minivan to be able to take advantage of innovative storage solutions because many vehicles offer smart storage features, roomy trunks, helpful cubbies, and so much more.

SUVs and Crossovers - We can help you find the ideal used SUV to suit your needs, whether you're an adventurous road tripper or an everyday commuter. Like we said before, SUVs are extremely popular, and for good reason, as you're able to enjoy a roomier ride, more features, and loads of storage, making them perfect for families, frequent travelers, and just about any driver. It's important to figure out how you'll be using your SUV to decide which model will be right for you because every driver is unique. If you're searching for an SUV that can navigate inclement weather, we recommend finding a model that has all-wheel drive, and if you're looking for the perfect family commuter, we recommend looking at models that offer space and kid-friendly features. No matter what type of travels are in your future, there's an SUV out there that will be your ultimate companion on the road.

Honda Certified Pre-Owned Programs

The best part about buying used is all of the fantastic options you have, including CPO vehicles. Certified pre-owned Honda models offer drivers increased peace of mind and more benefits than simply buying used, and the Honda CPO programs won't disappoint. In addition to the fabulous options available, you get to enjoy a better car for a fair price when you choose to buy CPO. With two programs to choose from, HondaTrue Certified and HondaTrue Certified+, you're able to take advantage of the perks with each, like newer vehicles, lower mileage, and more warranties and benefits along the way.

The HondaTrue Certified program covers vehicles that are up to five years old for seven years or 100,000 miles. In addition to powertrain coverage, you can also expect to enjoy roadside assistance, two complimentary oil changes within the first two years of ownership, and other maintenance services. Upgrade to HondaTrue Certified+ for even new models that are no more than two years old, in addition to better non-powertrain coverage and more. It's nice to have options when buying used so that you know you're getting a quality car at an exceptional price.

In addition to being able to take advantage of manufacturer warranties, you'll have the peace of mind you need in knowing that all Honda CPO vehicles have undergone intense inspections and have met the standards set forth by the Honda brand. When you buy a CPO Honda, you're met with spectacular reliability, plus a vehicle that will continue to deliver a safe ride for years. If you want more assurance out of your used car purchase, we recommend taking a closer look at our Honda CPO inventory and experiencing a better way to buy a car.

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We Can Help with Financing and Service!

Financing for vehicles is always available at our dealership, even for used and certified pre-owned models. Buying a vehicle is a big expense for any budget, and we know modern life may require that you have your own vehicle for work and family. Here at Gwinnett Place Honda, we want to make sure every customer can afford the vehicle they need, from an economy car for commuting to the splurge luxury vehicle you deserve for working so hard. Our financing team can help you find the best plan for your budget while being friendly and thoughtful when they provide you service. It matters that our customers are treated with the kind of caring, detail-oriented attention you deserve when you’re making such a big financial commitment.

To make things easier for all our customers, we have plenty of options for learning about financing you have available with your budget. Come see us at our dealership, call us on the phone and speak with one of our representatives, or apply for auto financing on our website from the comfort of your home. We also offer an online chat feature on our website to help answer any questions you may have while you search online for vehicles or work on your application. It’s our pleasure to provide our customers with every opportunity to purchase a vehicle they can afford and to be able to find the right financing to suit their circumstances. Even if you’re struggling with a low credit score, we may be able to match you with a lender to help you buy a vehicle and start rebuilding your credit for a brighter future.

Once we locate you the perfect lender and you sign those papers, we expect to be here for you as long as you own your vehicle. Even when you buy used, our auto service center expects to honor all warranties and will provide you with high-quality maintenance for regular check-ups and oil changes. In the times when your car isn’t running quite right, we’ll find the source of the strange noises or troubling issues so you can drive home in a vehicle that you can trust to be safe and sound. All our techs are up to date on all the latest technology to keep your vehicle running the way it should, and we use OEM Honda parts to repair your vehicle so you can trust those repairs to be the highest standard.

Luxury Can Be Yours

You can find an almost endless supply of luxury car brands at Gwinnett Place, with choices like BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and even Rolls-Royce! Luxury brand vehicles aren’t just for the wealthy. If you’re willing to purchase a luxury car used, you can have all the class, comfort, and performance a luxury car offers at a fraction of what you would pay for it if it was new.

Atlanta’s best used cars can be found right at Gwinnett Place, with brands many people might believe are out of their price range. Can you imagine owning a Rolls-Royce? A Rolls-Royce is an iconic vehicle almost everyone recognizes as a sign of wealth, and pricing for pre-owned vehicles could be less than half what you would pay new. If you have dreamed of owning a Rolls-Royce but never believed it could be possible, talk to our sales staff and financing team. We might be able to make your dreams come true.

Then again, maybe a Lamborghini is on your wishlist. Such a powerful vehicle is often seen as only attainable for movie stars, but even a Lambo could be in your driveway for tens of thousands less than the price of a new vehicle. If these inspiring cars still seem too far out of your price range, we have lots of other luxury brands you can purchase for the kind of reliable, comfortable car you have always wanted. Consider a Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz for those lux interiors, high-end features, and reliable performance. Each of these vehicles makes an excellent choice for purchasing pre-owned, and even the base trims come standard with premium features that cost extra in a new vehicle that could be the same price.

Two of Atlanta's best used cars, a white 2017 Cadillac ATS-V and a white CTS-V, are parked in an open lot with distant trees.

A Sedan with Exceptional Style for Any Budget

The Honda Accord makes a great sedan to purchase used, with the same standard of reliability and quality found in every Honda vehicle. What’s special about the Accord is the exceptional fuel efficiency, the comfort of the cabin, and the incredibly affordable pricing. An Accord will feel like a luxury ride without the hefty price tag, and it handles with precision. Driving an Accord is a pleasure, especially if you have a long commute. Seats are supportive, and the quality of the interior has a refined style. Your back seat passengers will have generous legroom, and the trunk is spacious enough for even large luggage.

Expect standard features of the Honda Accord to be surprisingly numerous, with modern amenities like Bluetooth, a rearview camera, smartphone connectivity, and USB ports. More recent Honda Accords have sporty trims with more powerful engines and paddle shifters, and upper trims will enjoy the convenience of driver’s seat memory and the comfort of leather upholstery. Every Accord is built with safety in mind and has excellent scores in crash test ratings. With innovative features, comfort, and attractive style, you can do more than save money on fuel with a Honda Accord.

Another top used sedan, perfect for families and individual drivers alike, is the Toyota Camry, a crowd-pleaser for decades. This midsize sedan not only features an incredibly roomy ride, but it's also filled with advanced safety features and technology, especially when you choose a more recent model year. The Toyota name is much like the Honda name in that its vehicles hold their value among some of the best in the industry, and used Toyota Camrys are no exception.

The Camry is a solid option in the Toyota lineup with its powerful engine, smooth ride, and responsive driving dynamics, making it a top pick for those searching for a used sedan that will continue to deliver an impactful ride mile after mile. When you want a dependable and enjoyable ride, we recommend checking out the Accord and the Camry. Prepare to be amazed by their thrilling features and top-notch performance.

When You Need a Family-Sized SUV

A Great SUV to look for is a Ford Explorer, a top-selling SUV in the United States, with versatile capability for family transport with three rows of seats, the ability to tow between 3,000-5,000 pounds, and the toughness to withstand adverse driving conditions. Ford understands what makes an SUV desirable, and the Explorer is an excellent choice to purchase used. A used Ford Explorer has a comfortable interior with plenty of conveniences and a smooth ride quality. If you purchase an Explorer from the last five years, you can expect stability and traction control, trailer sway control, and excellent crash test ratings.

Technology in Explorers will be abundant, with more recent models having Bluetooth technology, smartphone connectivity, USB ports, and satellite radio. The Ford Explorer will have the option of four-wheel drive to handle bad weather or back roads, and generally, the Explorer is well endowed with conveniences like powered accessories and cruise control. If you need a capable family car that is comfortable for long trips, the Explorer is a great choice.

The used Honda Pilot is another one of our favorite family-friendly SUVs due to its spacious interior, loads of features, and affordable price tag. Offering three rows of seats for everyone to get comfortable on board, the Pilot makes it easy to travel with your family, whether you're embarking on a road trip or just another trip to the school to pick up a forgotten homework assignment. The Pilot is also available in all-wheel drive, which is especially helpful for those traversing the roads during icy winters, rainy springs, and any other inclement weather that may head your way.

With convenient storage options inside, accommodating your kids and their friends, science projects, sports gear, and more is as easy as ever when you're riding in the Pilot. With undeniable reliability, family-oriented styling, and ample room for all, the Honda Pilot is a winner among families, big and small, near and far, and for any type of journey.

A Truck for Any Occasion

A red 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 is driving on a rural road.

America loves a good truck, and the “Big Three” truck manufacturers all have great options for anyone seeking a light-duty truck. Whether you want a truck for towing a trailer, to haul tools for work, or even for off-road adventure, buying a used truck will save you money on a vehicle that can easily range into luxury car prices when purchasing new. Ford F-150 has been a best-selling truck for decades, and Fords hold their value over time. The Chevy Silverado 1500 is its own solid truck with many of the same features as Ford, and Ram has ramped up its competitive edge in recent years to stand up to Ford and Chevy.

If you need a truck for towing a mid-sized trailer, the F-150 even dating back to 2015, can tow up to 12,000 pounds with the right engine and equipment. Standard safety features like trailer sway control and hill start assist are included in every trim, and the tough frame was built lighter in 2015 to make the truck more fuel-efficient while still maintaining its strength. A MyKey system is available on some models and conveniently allows for programming speed and stereo volume controls for certain drivers. Additionally, a used Ford F-150 could have a Sync3 infotainment system with smartphone connectivity, smart cruise control, and powered running boards.

Used Chevy Silverado 1500s have much of what the Ford F-150 includes, such as towing capacity up to 13,400 pounds, and an off-road variant for those interested in getting out on the trails. In 2014, Chevy updated its design for the Silverado to make it more luxurious inside, and it gained a number of tech features that upgraded the desirability of owning a truck. USB ports, an infotainment system, and smartphone connectivity are all likely to be found on Silverado trucks dating back to this new design. Ram 1500 trucks have recently gained their own notoriety with new design updates in 2019, and Ram has become the new favorite truck in the industry. The interior design is once again the draw, with more comfortable seats and a better layout of the dash and center stack controls.

What a used Ram 1500 also has is a more efficient diesel engine offering, which many buyers prefer if you plan to do a lot of towing or heavy-duty work with your truck. Diesel engines tend to handle payloads and towing better than gasoline engines in respect of fuel expense. Other features like an air suspension system to improve interior ride quality, hill start assist, and an available Uconnect infotainment system are all likely to be found in the Ram 1500 if buying used in the last five or six years.

Each of these trucks is a workhorse of its own breed, with a few differences in appearance and styling to make each one stand out. Any of these trucks has a number of options for engines, cab size, bed length, trim level, and packages which could have been added at the time of purchase, and every truck will have its own unique set of these choices you could find while searching for a used truck. If you plan to purchase a truck of any size, you can find any number of features you would like to have by using our online search tool or visiting our sales staff at Gwinnett Place in Duluth. We are happy to help you find the perfect used truck to suit your needs, from a simple work truck to a deluxe model with all the bells and whistles for a comfortable RV trip across the country.

In addition to the "Big Three" pickups, you'll also find that GMC offers an incredible offering with its Sierra 1500 model, armed with fierce capabilities, plus a style that only GMC could design. When you want a truck with attitude, the Sierra won't disappoint, and with its various trim levels, including its high-end Denali model, you're in for unmatched luxury, as well as a power like no other.

Whether you're looking at a model that's only a couple of years old or one that is older, you'll find that GMC has been breaking boundaries with this truck, offering drivers everything they're searching for and more, all wrapped up in this stellar full-size option. From off-road adventures to a quiet, peaceful commute, the Sierra 1500 can provide you with exactly what you need in your everyday ride. That's why it's one of our favorites to look into when you're in the market for a used truck that is anything but ordinary.

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Vehicle Sales Disclaimer:

$849.00 Dealer Administrative Charge included in advertised price. Advertised prices EXCLUDE options added by the dealer and displayed on the vehicle’s window sticker addendum. Please contact dealer for additional details. All prices exclude all taxes, tag, title, registration fees and government fees. Out of state buyers are responsible for all taxes and government fees and title/registration fees in the state where the vehicle will be registered. All prices include all manufacturer to dealer incentives, which the dealer retains unless otherwise specifically provided. Dealer not responsible for errors and omissions; all offers subject to change without notice; please confirm listings with dealer. All vehicles may not be physically located at this dealership but may be available for delivery through this location. Transportation charges may apply. Please contact the dealership for more specific information. All vehicles are subject to prior sale.


**All vehicles may not be physically located at this dealership but may be available for delivery through this location. Transportation charges are included in the posted price. Please contact the dealership for more specific information. All vehicles are subject to prior sale.


***The Hendrick Certified program offers you benefits such as: 12 Month / 12,000 Mile High-Tech Coverage plus… 10 Year/100,000 Limited Powertrain Warranty*. 168-point vehicle inspection by Hendrick technicians. 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Gasoline Assistance, Flat Tire Change, Battery Jump Start, Locked-Out Assistance, and Towing. Rental coverage: up to 3 days at $30 per day not to exceed $90 per occurrence. Trip Interruption Service: hotel, transportation, meal reimbursement. Complimentary CARFAX vehicle history report.


****Well-qualified customers who purchase a new, used, or certified preowned vehicle, 5 model years or newer with less than 72K miles between August 26, 2022 and September 30, 2022 and finance through a participating dealer and Ally have an option to defer monthly payments for 120 days from contract date. Finance charges begin to accrue on the date you sign the Retail Installment Sale Contract at the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) disclosed in the contract. May not be combined with other Ally financing offers. 72 months maximum term limit. Non-commercial transactions only. Equal monthly payments only. Dealer participation required. Not available to Pennsylvania residents, see your dealer for details. Must take retail delivery by September 30, 2022.

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