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The highly anticipated 2022 Honda Civic will be here before you know it. The all-new Honda Civic is on its way, and you will find it right here at Gwinnett Place Honda, your 2022 Honda Civic dealer. While the market is currently flooded with SUV options, the sedan still has a place on the roads, and the Honda Civic has definitely earned the respect of all types of drivers. The Civic is a very efficient and high-performance model that is entering into a whole new phase with this next generation.

The 2022 model has been completely redesigned and now presents a more robust engine, better fuel economy, and all-new safety and performance features. The Honda Civic is a capable car with responsive handling, a comfortable ride, and plenty of interior space, even for a compact car. Whether you have always admired the Civic or we have just piqued your interest, Gwinnett Place Honda is the place to learn more about this popular model.

A red 2022 Honda Civic Sport is driving on a city street after leaving a 2022 Honda Civic dealer.

A Short History of the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic made its debut in 1973, and it offered drivers a new small car option. Not only did the Civic offer impressive fuel economy, but it was also able to seat four passengers. The Civic featured optional air conditioning, vinyl bucket seats, and a state-of-the-art AM/FM radio. Thanks to the 1973 oil crisis, fuel-efficient vehicles were all the rage, and the Civic became an instant hit. The Civic boasted 50 horsepower, which seems unimpressive by today's standards, but was plenty of power for a car its size and weight when it came out. As far as handling, the Civic could run circles around bigger and bulkier American models.

The second-generation Civic was launched in 1980 and saw a bigger, sleeker model that resembles models you see today. The base model produced 55 horsepower, but there was also a model that produced 67 horsepower. Honda offered three types of transmissions for the new generation; a four-speed manual, a five-speed manual, and a two-speed automatic. There were a couple of notable introductions to the second-generation Civic. One was the Fuel-Economy (FE) model, which boosted gas mileage, and an S model with a sporty look. The second-generation model also saw the Honda offered as a four-door sedan, five-door wagon, or three or five-door hatchback.

Honda introduced a few new engine options for the third-generation Civic. You could now choose a 1.3-liter engine with 60 horsepower, which is standard in the base hatchback, or you could opt for the 76 horsepower engine. The transmission choices remained the same. Honda also launched the DX and S models, but the popular choice was the CRX. In 1984, Honda added four-wheel drive as an option.

The fourth-generation Honda Civic (1988-1991) was sportier, delivering a model that was sleek, refined, and more powerful than ever. In addition to a completely redesigned interior, Honda offered a new set of engines. DX and LX sedan and wagon models came standard with a 1.5-liter engine that boasted 92 horsepower. Fourth-generation Civics also saw standard fuel injection on all models. The LX sedan offered convenience features like intermittent wipers, power locks, windows, mirrors, and much more.

Honda continued offering sedan and hatchback models for the fifth-generation Civic, and there were several engine options as well. The CX models packed a 1.5-liter, 70 horsepower unit under the hood; the DX fitted a 102 horsepower engine. The VX and Si came with Honda’s VTEC engine, and the VX engine offered 92 horsepower while the Si boasted a robust 125 horsepower. The VX was the choice for those who desired excellent fuel economy, and despite the size of the model, it could still seat five.

1996 marked the beginning of the sixth-generation Honda Civic. One of the most significant changes was size; all models were bigger and had the same 103.2-inch wheelbase. The overall length of the Civic model increased by two to four inches. As in the previous years, the sedan models were offered in DX, LX, and EX trims, and the VX hatchback was replaced with the HX, an all-new coupe. The hatchback version would offer only two trim levels, the CX and DX, which now offered a new 1.6-liter engine with 106 horsepower.

The seventh-generation Honda Civic debuted in 2001 with a completely redesigned body. The other significant change was the introduction of the first hybrid model, which mated a four-cylinder gas engine with an electric motor. Honda was still offering the Civic in coupe, hatchback, and sedan variants.

The eighth-generation Civic saw a continuation of the hybrid model. The other major change was the split into two platforms, one for the coupe and one for the sedan. The ninth-generation Civic saw the addition of several modern features, including rearview cameras and Bluetooth, as well as upgrades in performance and design. Honda continued to impress with the tenth-generation Civic. This generation included the introduction of the turbocharged engine, added safety features, and the addition of the performance model Civic R.

What We Enjoy About the New Redesign

A blue 2022 Honda Civic Sport is shown driving from the front on a road with an ocean view.

What’s there not to enjoy about the upcoming eleventh-generation Civic? For example, a seven-inch infotainment system touchscreen was once the biggest you could get; now, it’s the standard size with a nine-inch screen an option on some models. The 1.5-turbo engine is more powerful than ever and is even more fuel-efficient. You will also enjoy better handling and a smoother ride, thanks to the updated suspension and steering tuning.

As expected, the new Civic redesign includes updated technologies. All Honda Civic models will feature either a partial or full digital instrument display. The Touring trim features an all-digital LCD display that offers all sorts of pertinent information, and it is all customizable right from the steering wheel. What we really like is the addition of the premium Bose stereo system in the Touring edition. You don’t have to be an audiophile to fully appreciate a sound system developed to integrate with a Civic for optimal music reproduction.

There are no rules that state a compact car can’t be sleek and stylish. The new Civic offers an upscale style that provides unique character. LED lighting is used throughout the exterior, including the headlights, parking lights, and available fog lights. The new design is simple but fresh and exciting.

The dashboard and screen in a 2022 Honda Civic Sport are shown.

Reasons to Choose Gwinnett Place Honda to Test Drive the New Civic

Our Honda dealership is devoted to helping Honda owners and serving our customers with a level of service that meets our high standards. We strongly feel that the Civic and other Honda models offer the highest quality and are perfect for your lifestyle. You are sure to have many questions about the 2022 Honda Civic, and you can rest assured that our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff have the answers. We understand that when you shop for your next vehicle, you need a team of people who are there to help you, not just try to sell you something, so we strive to provide the best possible customer-focused service we can.

We strive to make the Honda Civic buying process as seamless and straightforward as possible. And our services don't stop after you drive your Civic off the lot. We are here for you, whatever your needs might be. Whether you have a question about the warranty or you need routine Honda maintenance, we have you covered every step of the way. We want to ensure you enjoy your investment for many years to come. We strongly believe that the relationship we have with our customers should continue long after your initial Civic purchase.

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