Reviews - Interior & Walk Around

2018 Honda CR-V Walk Around

The CR-V exudes a sense of upscale. It can be seen as stylish or quirky. Up front are aerodynamic LEDs, but the front bumper protrudes a bit, as if it weren’t part of the headlamp design. Upswept rear roof pillars continue a CR-V design theme that’s been going on for years. The taillights sit high, separated by a chrome strip on a tailgate with a curious bulge. The badging is oddly positioned.


The layout of the cabin is more conventional than the outside styling, and it’s widely acclaimed. Five occupants enjoy room and comfort, surrounded by materials of high quality. For both passengers and cargo, the available space is used in an especially effective manner.

The 2017 redesign increased the cargo area by nearly a foot, without increasing the CR-V’s exterior length. In the back, legroom grew by 2 inches. And the rear seat is wider, making more room for the third passenger back there, always squeezed in a compact.

Pull a lever, and the adjustable second-row backrests fold totally flat, a convenient feature. A removable panel reveals a concealed, under-floor storage area.

All trim levels except the LX include a 12-way power driver’s seat with power lumbar support; however the wide center console may cut into the driver’s leg space.

Organized and functional, the dashboard reaches toward luxury in top-level Touring trim. CR-V EX and Touring editions rely more on their 7.0-inch touchscreen than on traditional switches or buttons. A new screen coating is used to resist fingerprints, and a volume-control knob has been added.

The navigation system is one of the easiest to use. Inputting an address is as easy as typing it in on a computer. However the system in our test car sometimes dropped the destination when stopping and restarting the car, forcing a laborious re-entry.

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