Reviews - Interior & Walk Around

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Walk Around

The Accord sedan’s roofline suggests a coupe, though not as radically as some sedans do because spaciousness inside is important. It’s a handsome and fresh design, with subtly chiseled sides, low beltline, and thin pillars (thanks to high-tensile steel).

The new grille design is unfortunate, Honda is following Acura by putting its emblem all over the face of the car in shiny plastic.


Honda designed the Accord sedan from the inside out; a cabin wasn’t squeezed into a shell, rather a shell was built around a cabin. Priorities made clear.

The instrument panel is low, which gives a feeling of space to the cabin. The most-used controls are placed high on the panel. Still, we wish the controls were less confusing, especially for the available dual-screen infotainment system that adds clutter and complexity.

With that low beltline and thin pillars, visibility from the driver’s seat is good.

There’s good rear legroom with easy entry and exit, with a 60/40 folding rear seat in all models but the base LX.

We like Honda’s innovative video display when you put on the turn signal, of the lane behind the car from a camera in the sideview mirror. Active noise cancellation helps keep the V6 model quiet in the cabin.

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