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Hybrid Car Shoppers in Duluth: Compare the 2019 Honda Insight vs 2018 Toyota Prius Here

It's no secret that the Toyota Prius used to dominate hybrid-car sales in Duluth--because, for years, it was one of the only real options for Georgia drivers who wanted to be a little more eco-conscious but who also needed to be able to keep up with busy schedules. Even when the first-gen Honda Insight subcompact came out, the Prius had a pretty substantial piece of the pie when it came to choosing a new hybrid car.

But, all of that has changed in the just the last few years; and with the arrival of the all-new 2019 Honda Insight, the field is more competitive than ever. The Toyota Prius has a 50+ MPG rating and a long legacy on its side--but the new Honda Insight is bringing a lot to the table. See which of these hybrid cars is going to be the better fit for your lifestyle.

2019 Honda Insight vs 2018 Toyota Prius

  • Plain as the nose on your face: the new 2019 Honda Insight boasts gorgeous styling and a modern, clean look
  • The Prius' hand-me-down styling is getting old, and the added cargo space isn't really worth the eyesore
  • The dowdy Toyota Prius offers a combined 121 horsepower, engine + motor
  • With its sophisticated dual-motor system, the 2019 Honda Insight boasts a combined 151 horsepower
  • The EPA estimates that the Toyota Prius and 2019 Honda Insight will offer comparable ratings, but your driving habits and commute may affect real-life MPG

  • The 2018 Prius starts at a surprisingly expensive $24,475
  • The well-equipped 2019 Honda Insight starts at $22,830
  • The 2019 Honda Insight comes with a standard suite of Honda Sensing safety features
  • The new Prius comes with a standard suite of Toyota Safety Sense driver-assistance features
  • Want more? A fully loaded Prius will cost you over $30,000--while the stunning Honda Insight Touring starts around $28,000