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Duluth Classic Get a Makeover: Compare the New 2019 Toyota Camry to 2019 Honda Accord and 2019 Mazda Mazda6

It's hard to think of "family sedan" in Georgia without thinking Toyota, Mazda and Honda; these two brands are famous for their reliability and durability, and their midsize sedans--Camry, Mazda6 and Accord, respectively--are some of the best-selling models in our state. And, of course, for good reason. Both of these comfortable and affordable sedans are stylish, well-equipped, and spacious enough to really fit five passengers.

But, while both of these great and iconic options offer a lot for your money, you want to be sure that when you put the money down for a Camry lease, Mazda Mazda6 or a Honda Accord loan, you're really getting everything that you want and everything that you need for your lifestyle. Compare the Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry vs Mazda Mazda 6 here to explore the differences between these two top sedans, and dig deep into power and performance options, features, tech, connectivity, and more. If you're left with questions--or you want to schedule a test drive--contact Gwinnett Place Honda for details.

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2019 Toyota Camry vs 2019 Honda Accord

  • Both Honda and Toyota completely redesigned their sedans for the 2018 MY, so neither sedan offers many big changes
  • Pricing for both the 2019 Honda Accord and 2019 Toyota Camry is similar--the Honda Accord is slightly less expensive than the Camry at base price
  • Honda and Toyota warranties are identical, both covering you for up to 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first
  • Following the discontinuation of the Honda Accord Coupe, both models are only available in a four-door sedan configuration
  • Both the 2019 Camry and the 2019 Honda Accord can be equipped with a range of safety features--Toyota Safety Sense and Honda Sensing, respectively
  • The 2019 Honda Accord provides select tech features that the Camry doesn't--like Android Auto integration, which still has not been added to Camry

  • The new 2019 Honda Accord gives you a choice of two exciting turbocharged engine options; the Camry lineup doesn't have any turbo power
  • For performance where it matters, both engine options for the new Honda Accord boast more torque than both engine options for the new 2019 Toyota Camry
  • The 2019 Honda Accord offers dynamic driving modes that can adjust performance for a different feel
  • Need a convenient sedan? The 2019 Honda Accord offers more cargo room in the trunk than the redesigned 2019 Toyota Camry

  • The 2019 Honda Accord has more cargo space than the Mazda6.
  • The Heads-Up Display in the 2019 Honda Accord shows more than the Active Driving Display in the Mazda6.
  • Passengers will be more comfortable in the 2019 Honda Accord thanks to more rear legroom.
  • The 2019 Honda Accord comes with Honda Sensing®, and the Mazda6 needs to pay more for similar driver assistance features.
  • The 2019 Honda Accord Sport trim and higher come standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, both of which need a separate upgrade to be included in the Mazda6.

  • 2019 Honda Accord Vs Mazda6

    • The 2019 Honda Accord offers more horsepower and torque in their base model than the Mazda6 base model does.
    • The 2019 Honda Accord comes with an Active Shutter Grille to improve aerodynamics, the Mazda6 does not offer an Active Shutter Grille.
    • The trunk of the 2019 Honda Accord gives you more space than the trunk of the Mazda6.
    • Both models have a keyless entry system, but only the 2019 Honda Accord has Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock®.
    • The interior of the 2019 Honda Accord has ambient lighting in select parts of it, the Mazda6 does not.